What We Do

The Future of Fashion PR

The Lane Style House helps clients to fully benefit from the possibilities today’s

digital media provides us; PR re-imagined and digitalized. Using an

extensive network of leading stylists, editors and influencers, with a

selection of some of the world’s finest brands. We’re everything you’d

expect from a traditional PR agency but with one distinct feature; you

can visit whenever you want, using our innovative virtual showroom.


Our  virtual showroom

We believe in one simple golden rule; the easier it is for press and

influencers to view and access the collections of our brands, the easier

it’ll be for them to share with others. That’s why our digital showroom

offers 24/7 personalized access for stylists, journalists and fashion

pioneers through computer, tablet and smartphone.

Cost effective brand building


Unlock the potential of your brand and cut costs at the same time.

The much lower operational costs of our virtual environment compared to that of a traditional

showroom are reflected in our very competitive base fee.